Borgo del Carato
Borgo del Carato

Borgo del Carato
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S.S. 124 Km 97, 96010 Palazzolo Acreide SR

Borgo del Carato


A luxury resort, immersed in a private park of 90 hectares, characterized by the simplicity of Sicily of the past.


All designed and imagined for a holiday dedicated to relaxation and outdoor activities.
Some of the rooms (the standard ones and the country houses) are obtained from the ancient warehouses, the stables and the lodgings of the laborers and shepherds while others (the superior rooms) rediscover the magical charm of the Baron's rooms.

Swimming pool, wellness area, restaurant with themed lunches and dinners or by reservation, horseback riding, cooking and wine tasting courses.

The architectural complex is called Case Melilli from "I miliddi" or from the feud "Le mililli di sopra". The current owner has decided to identify the country resort with the name of Borgo del Carato.
This village, originally a fortified farm, is mostly surrounded by tall carob trees and centenary olive trees: the carat is in fact a unit of measurement equal to 0.2 grams. The word carat comes from the Arabic "qirat", in Greek kerátion (diminutive of kéras, horn), carob, whose seed was used to weigh having an extremely uniform weight of about 1/5 of a gram.
Scientists assume that the carob seed was taken as a comparative weight due to the fact that it is relatively easy to see the difference in size with the naked eye.
Already from ancient times until the Middle Ages, the carat was used for weighing very small quantities and still remains the unit of weight of diamonds, precious stones in general and pearls.
With a renovation that began in 2010, the Borgo del Carato has now become a comfortable luxury residence


The Borgo del Carato also has a wellness area where you can find the balance of body and mind. The fitness area allows physical activity with a treadmill, elliptical trainer and various tools. The massage rooms welcome customers for dedicated and personalized massage treatments, relaxing, decontracting, holistic and draining.
The wellness path between turkish bath, sauna and emotional shower is accompanied by purifying, draining, relaxing herbal teas, fresh and dried fruit.
In the morning, muscle awakening activities are organized to start the day in the best possible way.

Inside the Borgo del Carato resort, the typical Sicilian cuisine is simple, but tasty and colorful, with the use of excellent raw materials, but more than anything else typical of the Syracusan area and even more so of the Iblei. La Locanda del Borgo offers typical menus of meat and fish, also paying particular attention to vegetarian and vegan cuisine. During the winter the grain warehouse hosts its customers for themed dinners and in the warmer periods dinner is served in the romantic Court.

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