Must see in Ragusa Ibla and surroundings

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Leave the blue sea behind. The road slowly goes up over Sicilian carob trees. Farms and inland dry walls will point you the way. One step away from Modica, here it is another masterpiece of Sicilian Baroque.

Ragusa Ibla

It is the old and solitary part of Ragusa. The pleasant streets are cropped between the exuberant Baroque historic buildings. Some romantic glimpse here and there. The landscape of the Iblei Mountains, in the dark horizon. Among the finest palaces, Palazzo Bertini, Cosentini and Donnafugata, with neoclassical paintings by Luca Giordano school. Fascinating Commander uphill, from Cosentini Palace leads to the Church of the Knights of Malta.
Some address for a food break? Choose between the elegance of the restaurant “Il Duomo” or “Don Serafino” and genuine cuisine of “Ingrasciato”.

Cathedral of San Giorgio

At the height of a wide staircase appears the baroque facade of St. George's Cathedral, the most beautiful of the many churches in the old town. It’s the heart of Ragusa Ibla. In the lower part of the square, among the Palaces Arezzi and Vaninata, gushes a delightful fountain. But if you are looking for something really refrigerant, stop at the Gelato DiVini. Among the many tastes, wine, jasmine, carob, cinnamon and Marsala.

Iblei gardens

Leave the historic center. On the eastern edge of the town, on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley of the river Irminio, stands the oldest of the four gardens of Ragusa. Will welcome you a beautiful avenue with palm trees, vases carved in stone from Ragusa and chirping of robins. Visit also the villa and the archaeological excavations of Ragusa.

Marina di Ragusa

It is the most fashionable fraction of the typical Mediterranean area. If you are hunting for waves or relaxing, this is the right destination. For a walk hand by hand, we recommend the Andrea Doria promenade and Bisani - avoid it during summer week ends. Alternatively, choose one of thebeautiful beaches between Borgo Sampieri and Donnalucata, just minutes from Scicli.

Castle of Donnafugata

Do not be fooled by the name. More than a castle, is a baronial residence of the last nineteenth century. In its historic garden a maze in Ragusa white stone, once colored by climbing roses. Enter the mansion. The rooms are more than one hundred and twenty - only around twenty are open to the public. Have you ever read The Leopard by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa? The residence has preserved the same atmosphere of the novel.