Hotel De Ville
Hotel De Ville

Hotel De Ville
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Via di Sottoripa, 5, 16123 Genova GE

Hotel De Ville


The Hotel de la Ville is located inside the Palazzo Serra Gerace, home to the historic center of Genoa, whose foundations date back to the dawn of the city in medieval times, subsequently divided among the main noble families of the Genoese Republic to be assembled again in a single structure in 1677.

From the private residence of Gerolamo Serra in the early 1600s to his son Giovanni Battista and his wife heir of the Princes of Gerace, over the centuries the palace has undergone artistic and structural changes that today make it one of the most fascinating noble residences in Genoa .

From a patrician residence owned by the Italian Insurance Company, it was used as a hotel in 1846 as Hotel De La Ville until the early 1900s. Despite some damage due to bombing during World War II, Palazzo Serra Gerace has maintained its original structure, highlighted by the restoration in the late '70s thanks to its acquisition by the Municipality of Genoa.

Being protected by the constraints of the Superintendency of Fine Arts, Palazzo Serra Gearce is a jewel of priceless beauty.


The structure, divided into 16 large rooms, is spread over two floors, and is made up of common areas to encourage relaxation and recreation for our customers.

The hall provides easy access to the rooms made available to guests including the billiard room, the cigar room, the reading room and the bar.

The restaurant, located next to the reception and surrounded by frescoes dating back to the 1700s, offers a hearty continental breakfast in the morning, while on request it is also available to customers for lunch and dinner.

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